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How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures for permanent hair reduction. When looking for a laser hair removal center that offers laser hair […]

Laser hair removal and hair growth cycles

We are often asked why we need several sessions when it comes to laser hair removal procedures. And we decided to write this article to explain […]

How does body hair change with age?

It can be a very confusing sight: older, bald men whose hair seems to have strangely moved from the head to other parts of the body. […]

Applications for laser hair removal

Generally, the most common areas that require permanent hair removal are the legs, face, underarms and bikini area. Some areas, such as the bikini line, require […]

Laser hair removal: no reason not to

Shaving is an inconvenience that requires careful maintenance. You must shave every two to three days to shave cleanly, and depending on your genetics, you may […]

What affects the time and number of laser hair removal sessions?

The effect of hair thickness and density Thick hair is more difficult to remove, which is usually the case in male patients with thicker hair than […]

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