Laser hair removal is performed on the body and face.

The largest area on the body for the procedure is the legs completely. The area includes: hips, knees, legs, feet and fingers.

Leg hair removal previously took a lot of time. With the advent of laser dynamic hair removal on the Italian DEKA machine, women felt the difference. The time procedure lasts 35-45 minutes, compared with 1.5-2 hours.

For complete hair removal, you need to take a course with 6-10 procedures, since the laser affects the hair in the growth stage - anagen. The interval between procedures is initially 1 month and each time the interval increases, as hair growth slows down.

Special price for the procedure Laser Hair Removal LaserMi

    Indications for dynamic laser leg hair removal

    • The vegetation on the legs looks ugly and laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly important procedure for girls.

    Indications for laser hair removal of the legs:

    • Undesired hair growth in the lower leg,
    • hips, knees and fingers;
    • Irritation on the skin caused by shaving with a machine, wax, shugaring;
    • Ingrown hair
    • Not an aesthetic appearance of black dots after shaving or using an epilating cream;
    • Sensitive skin, which is not suitable for depilation methods;
    • The desire to find smooth skin for a long period.

    The advantages of laser dynamic hair removal

    Laser hair removal on the legs on the device of the Italian company DEKA - MOTUS AX is a unique technology that removes hair with the following advantages:

    • Painlessly. The device has a built-in sapphire tip, which is cooled to 15 degrees. The procedure is carried out with a pleasant tactile sensation thanks to the MOVEO technology;
    • Shown for all skin and hair color phototypes. Exception - cannon and gray;
    • Dark skin, tanned skin is not a contraindication to epilation with an alexandrite laser;
    • laser energy does not dissipate through the skin, but penetrates the follicle, due to this, redness and burns do not remain on the skin;
    • Leg hair removal can be performed at any time of the year - the sun is not a limitation;
    • Hair removal in motion saves you time for more important things.

    Preparation for laser dynamic epilation of legs

    MOVEO leg epilation is performed without restrictions, quickly and painlessly. But you need to follow the recommendations for preparing for hair removal on the MOTUS AX:

    • Shave hair on the hair removal area for the day or day of the procedure;
    • Do not apply creams, oils, lotions and alcohol to the area of the legs 24 hours before the procedure;
    • Avoid tanning 3 days before and after hair removal.

    Contraindications for laser hair removal

    In LaserVille, you should consult a specialist before performing laser hair removal on your legs. Many clients, mainly those who previously performed hair removal, are confident that they can do without it. But the initial consultation is an important stage.

    At the consultation, the specialist talks about the technology itself, inspects the area where the procedure will be performed, and determines the skin phototype and hair color, as individual parameters are set for each client. He asks questions regarding the state of health of the client, as there are a number of contraindications for hair removal:

    • Pregnancy, breastfeeding;
    • Rashes, damage to the skin in the area of the hips, legs, knees, fingers;
    • Dermatological diseases in the active phase;
    • Autoimmune diseases;
    • Infectious diseases;
    • Oncological diseases.

    Results of laser dynamic hair removal using MOVEO technology

    Frequently asked Questions

    1 The price of laser hair removal?
    At the first visit, there is a 50% discount and the cost of leg hair removal is only 1025 UAH.
    Also, it is possible to carry out epilation of legs in zones:
    • the cost of hair removal of the legs, taking into account the discount at the first visit - 435 UAH
    • price for hips epilation - 650 UAH.
    2 Does epilation hurt?
    Not. We work on the premium Italian MOTUS AX.
    Its feature in the patented MOVEO technology is that the sapphire tip is cooled to 15 degrees and laser hair removal is completely painless and quick.
    In particular, you can work on all skin phototypes and hair colors.
    This hair removal, without restrictions!
    3 How often does laser hair removal take place and how many procedures are needed for complete hair removal?
    The interval between the procedures is initially 1 month, then the interval with each subsequent procedure will increase by 1 week (month and 1 week, month and 2 weeks).
    For complete hair removal, you will need to go through 6-8 procedures.
    All this is individual (predisposition to hair growth (genetics, hormonal background).
    4 What is the preparation for laser dynamic epilation of legs?
    • Shave the hair on the hair removal area for the day or day of the procedure;
    • Do not apply creams, oils, lotions and alcohol to the area of the legs 24 hours before the procedure;
    • Avoid tanning 3 days before and after hair removal.
    5 Is there any harm from laser hair removal?
    The laser beam carefully penetrates the hair follicle up to 4 mm, without damaging the skin and does not leave burns, pigmentation on it.
    Hair removal using moveo technology is safe!

    Recommendations after laser dynamic hair removal of legs

    To achieve the desired result, you must adhere to the recommendations:

    • Do not apply alcohol-containing solutions after the procedure;
    • Avoid insolation and tanning bed for 3 days before and after laser hair removal. When in the sun, use cream with SPF;
    • Exclude exposure to high temperatures: saunas, baths, baths, in the first 3 days after the procedure. Also, open ponds and pools;
    • Keep to the correct intervals between procedures to achieve the desired result;
    • Between the procedures it is not recommended to pluck your hair with tweezers and use other methods of depilation: shugaring, waxing, tweezers, epilator ... You can only use a razor.

    The price of laser hair removal on the legs depends on the area on which the procedure will be carried out. Laser hair removal of the lower leg - often hair removal is carried out only in this area, since the hair does not grow on the hips, or they are not noticeable. Laser hair removal of the hips or inner thighs is also often performed. Nevertheless, most girls opt for hair removal of the entire surface of the legs for a perfect look.

    At LaserMi, prices are consistent with the quality of the service. Visitors to the salon can take advantage of current promotions, discounts to be serviced at competitive prices in Kiev.

    Reviews about laser hair removal

    Yesterday I was in your salon for the procedures, it's a complete delight.
    The first is service. How your administrators (and Natasha, of course) communicate is just an example of how a real service should work.
    Second, how beautiful you have, how delicious it smells and what delicious coffee. And fresh gladioli are something and you are great fellows!
    Third - the device is absolutely painless! These are such kayfulchiiiiii)))) I have something to compare, it was a sad experience. I will gladly fly to you for the next procedure.
    We wish you prosperity and many, many, many cool clients!
    And of course, a huge thank you for the discounts, I'm extremely pleased.

    Girls, thank you for your professional work !!! The salon is cozy, the champagne is cold and relaxes in the subject))) And for the first time I am not afraid of the next procedure !!! The equipment is new and the masters Eva and Natalia special thanks, well done))))

    Today I visited exactly the place where I want to return for relaxation in the literal sense of the word. C-service bomb in all its guises is known at LaserMi I went there from the other end of the city with thoughts of a new innovative device, came out with the thoughts that I have not yet met the best service in the beauty industry in Kiev Girls recommend

    Svetlana Tkachenko


    I have hypersensitive skin. From the machine there is terrible irritation, after wax and shugaring - redness and inflammation. I can use the epilator, but it partially saves. As a result, everyone is in shorts and skirts, and I am in jeans. I had to decide on laser hair removal. I searched the entire Internet, chose the salon of laser hair removal "LaserMi". I visited the salon, I was told that 5-6 procedures would be required, I visited only two. The main thing: it does not hurt, sometimes a slight tingling is felt, there is no redness, there is also a tumor. The hairs have become thinner, some can simply be pulled out with your fingers. I hope after the sixth procedure they will stop growing at all.

    Natalya Ryabtseva

    Kiev region, Svyatopetrovsk

    I sing odes to this type of hair removal for speed! I chose this type of laser hair removal because it is faster, more effective and has a positive effect for a longer time, unlike other lasers, which means less pain and suffering, and most importantly time is saved, and even cheaper if you calculate the cost of all the time. Also, for this depilation, the hair needs to be shaved, and not to grow, and no pulling. Speed of the procedure is simply stunning, a couple of minutes and no pain.

    Marina Demchenko


    For many years I did wax depilation, as a result of which there are many ingrown hairs. My legs looked terrible. I went to laser hair removal because I had no choice. Made with Italian MOTUX AX. Already after the first procedure, my problem with ingrown hairs began to disappear. This is great news for me. I was very satisfied. The service pleases. Warm atmosphere. Super apparatus - really painless. Experts can easily explain the lungs in communication. The administrator is a sweet, smiling girl. In general, I recommend.

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