The result of laser hair removal for various skin types and hair colors

For light hair and fair skin The laser heat source is attracted to pigments that are usually found in dark hair. Light-colored hair lacks pigment to […]

Before and after laser hair removal

Before laser hair treatment, the hair in the treated area is often trimmed with scissors. The patient is also given special glasses to protect the eyes […]

What is the secret of the popularity of laser hair removal among girls, women and men of all ages?

Every day, thousands of people around the world are looking for solutions to improve a number of different aspects of their appearance. People with wrinkles and […]
Растут ли волосы после эпиляции лазером — будут ли расти волосы после процедуры еще быстрее

Does hair grow after laser hair removal – will hair grow even faster after the procedure?

Laser hair removal is popular all over the world and is considered the safest way to remove unwanted body hair. This procedure is painless. Does not […]

Everything about the laser hair removal procedure

At the moment, laser hair removal has become quite popular. This allows you to remove hair from the entire body or specific areas without damaging the […]
Как часто делать эпиляцию бикини

Yak often robots epіlyatsіyu bіkіnі

The deep bikini zone is special: it refers to the areas on the body that are visible when visiting the spa, sauna, pool, fitness room. According […]

Here are all offers for Promotions and discounts from the center of laser hair removal - LaserMi.

We want to please you and invite you to a dynamic laser hair removal, the most effective and profitable.

Those who have previously done hair removal using MOVEO technology know - it is the best! And who doesn't know yet, come to LaserMi and see for yourself.

For regular visitors we offer nice bonuses, contests and promotions.

Ознакомьтесь с нашими предложениями и записывайтесь на консультацию прямо сейчас!

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the discounts on hair removal?
You can see the current promotions for hair removal on our website in the "Promotions" tab.
The most popular promotion is a 50% discount on the first visit to one zone.
2Do you have birthday discounts?
Yes, before your birthday in LaserMi there is a permanent promotion, which can be used 7 days before and 7 days after your holiday, the discount is based on the passport and confirmation of the date of birth.
3Is it possible to consolidate the action on a permanent basis?
Promotional programs are not fixed on a permanent basis, they have a certain validity period. But, both for the primary visit and for the secondary one, we always offer nice bonuses, contests and promotions. Discounts can be found on our website or from the administrator.
4The price of a bikini?
Taking into account the 50% discount on the first visit, the cost of a deep bikini will be UAH 625, for bikini epilation partially or extra - UAH 447.50.

Special price for the procedure laser hair removal LaserMi

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